Health Watch Australia’s Operations Manager, Susan Karakostas discussing the COVID-19 GP Rollout with Neil Mitchell on 3AW

The manager of a GP clinic says the phones “went crazy” when they revealed they would be offering the COVID-19 vaccine from Monday.

Hanover Street Medical Centre sent a text message to patients over 70 on Monday, and had exhausted its first allocation of vaccines within an hour.

The clinic is one of 285 in Victoria which will begin administering the jab next week.

Hanover Street Medical Centre operations manager Susan Karakostas says its “chaos at the moment”.

“We’re getting our first delivery this week … unfortunately the first delivery is only going to be 80 vaccines.

“As of next week there will be 100 doses per week.”

Ms Karakostas said Hanover Street Medical Centre is “one of the lucky” clinics.

“It’s being rolled out over 12 weeks … some vaccines aren’t getting them until week five … or even 12.”

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