COVID-19 Hub


Health Watch Australia has also been running a high-volume Covid-19 vaccination program at its’ Hanover Street Medical Centre in Oakleigh since March 22, 2021. The centre was one of the first clinics in Australia to be allocated Astra Zeneca vaccines and has been consistently running weekly vaccination sessions since that date. The centre was also one of the first centres in Australia to be allocated Pfizer vaccines and rolled out that program in week 1 of the GP Pfizer Program on Monday the 5th July 2021. By the first week in November, our centre will have performed in excess of 15,000 Covid vaccinations to the local and general community at this location.

After being invited to do an interview with the Herald Sun, the Hanover Street Medical Centre and our Operations Manager, Susan Karakostas were then featured on a Current Affair and many of the nightly news shows as the centre was considered to be at the forefront of the National GP Covid Vaccination rollout. Susan also gave very interviews with both 3AW and ABC radio discussing the upcoming GP rollout. As an organisation, we were extremely proud to be involved in such an important, community health initiative and wanted to encourage people to have the vaccine.

VAPP Program

Health Watch Australia is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Department of Health to become an authorised Provider under the Department’s Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP). Only a limited number of Providers have been selected to provide this service which will allow Providers to administer Covid-19 vaccinations in the workplace.

Staff vaccinations have become an integral part of protecting the workplace and now Employers can conveniently offer their employees Covid-19 vaccines in the safety and comfort of their workplace.

Booster vaccinations will become an important element in providing a Covid safe workplace so contact Health Watch Australia to discuss the possibility of providing a Covid-19 Vaccination Program not only for your employees but for their eligible family members as well.

Upon completion of your workplace vaccination clinic, Health Watch Australia will upload each employees immunisation status to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), so that their Immunisation Certificate is kept up to date.