HWA has been providing on-site flu vaccinations for over 15 years

Influenza vaccination has been well documented as one of the greatest public health initiatives of the 21st century, with dramatic reductions in serious flu and flu-related complications, including chronic illness and death.

In corporate and commercial domains, annual on-site flu vaccination has been found to be the most effective way to prevent staff catching the flu; minimising adverse impacts to both employee wellbeing and organisational efficiency.

Why vaccinate your workforce?

Increases productivity

Helps protect children, elderly and immunodeficient

Reduces employee absenteeism

Reduces flu spreading in the office

Improves ‘Employer of Choice’ status

Employees take less time off for doctors appointments

what we do differently from other providers

Client Focused Tailored programmes

Qualified Staff Highly experienced vaccinators

Online Bookings Minimises participant downtime

Promotional Materials Posters, flyers & digital media

Free Staff Give-Aways Lollipops & post-vaccination information

Program Coordinator Streamlines vaccination delivery

24Hr Medi-Assist 24-hour on call assistance, for 7 days post-shot

Waste Removal Removal of all Bio-Hazard waste

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I was already vaccinated last year

Flu vaccinations are developed to protect you against the most common strains of flu up to 12 months. To be protected against the current flu strains you should be vaccinated every year.

Flu vaccination doesn’t work

Flu vaccines are 70%-90% effective. They are the best protection from the influenza virus and will minimise the spread of the flu to your family, friends and colleagues.

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