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It’s become increasingly important to foster a workplace where employee wellbeing is well-considered and well-serviced.

With workplaces recognising a significant return on investment through the provision of wellness programs, Health Watch Australia designs tailored solutions to meet unique workplace needs. Programs include vaccinations, health checks, first aid training and many more.

We’re committed to delivering the best service to our clients, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to daily operations and maximum efficacy in providing preventative healthcare.

Most importantly, our programs are overseen by our Director of Medical and Health Services, Dr. Brian Pliatsos, alongside a team of trained professionals.

Health Checks help to uncover respiratory, cardiovascular and prostate risks.
Wellness Programs are a fantastic way to revitalise employees across both mind and body.
Flu Vaccinations helps prevent the virus from spreading across the office, in turn reducing employee absenteeism.

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