Health Watch Australia (HWA) is an AGPAL accredited organisation which has been providing premium on-site vaccination programs for over 18 years. HWA has extensive expertise in the provision of premium, on-site, Influenza Vaccination Programs and prides itself on the delivery of unique, state of the art practices and protocols with specific points of difference.

HWA is the largest Vaccination provider in Victoria and the preferred Vaccination Provider for the Victorian State Government.  HWA has been vaccinating the Department of Health and Human Services for in excess of 15 years and its practices and procedures are endorsed and approved by them. 

We take pride in our ability to handle high volume on-site clinics with seamless efficiency and minimal workplace disruption.

This has been achieved by utilising streamlined methods including a user-friendly online booking system and the utilisation of multiple nurses and administrative facilitators in parallel clinics. We also handle all paperwork, enquiries and bookings to ensure an effortless experience for our client.



Our policies for handling and transporting vaccines is based on the ‘Strive for 5’ cold chain protocols and reviewed regularly to ensure on-going compliance with best practice standards. 

Once on site, we endeavour to minimise staff disruption but regard safety as our highest priority. We ensure appropriate pre-vaccination screening and post-vaccination observation, a no-touch, aseptic administration technique, mandatory carriage of emergency anaphylaxis management kits and 24-hour, 7-day, post-vaccination medical response overseen by our Chief Medical Officer.


  • Experience – through our extensive field experience, HWA has developed the expertise, systems, and track record to deliver a premium program utilising state of the art, best practice protocols. HWA has proven experience in conducting high volume clinics for clients with 5,000+ staff vaccinations
  • Efficiency – efficiently run outreach clinics requiring minimal input from clients; excellent administrative support including on-site HWA facilitators; personalised promotional/educational resources; tailored on-line booking systems; high flexibility to accommodate staff schedules/rosters;
  • Safety – vaccination by experienced, accredited healthcare professionals; 24-hour post-vaccination medical support for 7 days;
  • Access to first release 2020 Quadrivalent Influenza vaccines and excellent buying power – through high-volume purchasing and well-established relationships with our suppliers;


Program evaluation and development 

First release 2020 Quadrivalent influenza vaccines

Access to our tailored on-line booking system

Online promotional/educational material and or posters/flyers where requested

Attendance by qualified nursing staff/medical officer(s) and on-site facilitator(s)

24 hour emergency post-vaccination assistance by a medical practitioner for 7 days

Post vaccination lollipops and medical information