Health Watch Australia has extensive expertise in the provision of tailored on-site Hepatitis A & B Immunisation Programs and prides itself on the delivery of unique, state of the art practices and protocols with specific points of difference.

HWA has the infrastructure and knowledge to expertly handle even the largest Vaccination Programs and has the ability to establish robust, safe and effective programs for any size organisation. 

Unlike other immunisation programs (eg. Influenza) which require a simple screening process and a single, yearly vaccination, a Hepatitis Program requires a more complex evaluation of each individuals needs and requirements as well as multiple vaccinations.

Some things to consider when conducting a Hepatitis Vaccination Program are listed below:

  • employee demographics
  • nature of employment and risk of contracting Hepatitis
  • relevant health screening
  • past history of previous, complete or incomplete, Hepatitis Immunisation
  • history and/or availability of post vaccination blood testing

Immunisation Schedule:

To complete a full course of Hepatitis A & B, each individual will need to have 3 vaccinations.

The schedule is as follows:

Type Standard recommended schedules of vaccination
Hepatitis A 2 doses 6-18 months
Hepatitis B 3 doses 0 (initial) 1 month 6 months


Choosing the right program for your organisation:

Tailoring and setting-up the most appropriate and prudent program for your organisation requires a careful, collaborative evaluation of your specific needs, logistical considerations (ie staff availability), past history of immunisation, potential hazards/risks and other requirements.

Health Watch Australia has extensive expertise in programs of this type and can help you design and implement the best possible programs for your staff. 

Potential vaccination requirements:

It should be noted that individual participants in Hepatitis Immunisation Programs will have varying requirements based on their medical and immunisation history. This can vary from requiring no vaccination, partial booster vaccination(s) through to a full course of Hepatitis B vaccinations.